Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter From Similkameen Wild Breads

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Whole Wheat Sourdough Starter

Similkameen Wild Breads dried whole wheat sourdough starter is made with Canadian whole wheat flour and water flowing from the Cascade Mountain range. The starter is carefully crafted and allowed to ferment until it reaches the perfect level of sourness and bubbly activity.

Once the starter is at its peak, it is dried and carefully packaged for sale. To use the starter, simply rehydrate it with water and feed it with additional whole wheat flour as directed. The starter is easy to use and perfect for those who want to make delicious, artisanal breads at home.

The dried whole wheat sourdough starter from Similkameen Wild Breads is a high-quality product that is perfect for bakers of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned sourdough baker or a beginner, this starter will help you create delicious, tangy breads that are sure to impress. So, it can be a great choice for those who want to make whole wheat sourdough bread at home.

Your order will be shipped as a dehydrated starter with full instructions for reviving, feeding, and caring for the sourdough starter.

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