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When SHTF blog series

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Apart from our recipe blog posts, we have to decided to start a blog on our webpage that is important to us.

What happens when SHTF

Whether you are left wing, right wing, no wing or somewhere in the middle, all of us can probably agree that there is something not quite right in the World today.

And that is the purpose of this blog series.

What it is not:

  • A political platform
  • A Vaccine or Anti Vaccine argument

What we hope to accomplish:

We hope to provide a hub of information for those interested in prepping and survival in case SHTF, which is a plausible occurrence given the current state of the World.

Some of the topics we will be blogging about are:

  • Urban and Rural survival
  • Emergency food, water, shelter, and medical supplies
  • Bug out bags
  • Establishing a plan
  • Having a prepared stash
  • Preparing, storing, and cooking emergency food supplies
  • Emergency baking techniques
  • Ect

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