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We believe anyone can bake sourdough bread

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We are a family business located in the beautiful Similkameen valley, in Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.

Selling artisan sourdough starter to help you begin your baking journey.

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We believe anyone can bake sourdough bread

And we are here to help you on your sourdough baking journey!

Maintaining and caring for your sourdough starter

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What should i do with my starter when i am ready to bake with it ?

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Making your first batch of Similkameen Sourdough

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About our Sourdough Starters

Similkameen sourdough starters are nurtured using 100% additive-free Canadian flour and living waters from the Cascade Mountains.

Our sourdough starters spend a lot of time outside in the warmer seasons absorbing wild yeast, pollen, and natural airborne bacteria from the surrounding fruit trees, berry bushes, and dandelions, close to where it rests during the day.

Your order will be shipped as a dehydrated starter with full instructions for reviving, feeding, and caring for the sourdough starter.



I followed the instructions and I think it went well haha I don’t really know what I’m doing but I made some bread and it was good! thank you for the awesome starter 🙂

Haley Wolff

Great product, excellent customer service & fast shipping!!! 💛🍞

Kyla Sloboda

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