To bake sourdough in a Dr. Seuss way

In a kitchen not so far away, On a whimsical, baking kind of day, I decided to try, come what may, To bake sourdough in a Dr. Seuss way.

I grabbed my flour and my starter jar, Hoping to create a loaf that’s a star. But the dough was sticky, oh, by far, And I couldn’t roll it out, not even a smidgen.

I sprinkled flour like a winter flurry, But the sticky dough just wouldn’t hurry. I said to myself, “Oh, what a worry, I’m turning my kitchen into a doughy quarry!”

I tried to knead with all my might, But the dough fought back, with all its spite. It clung to my hands, oh, what a sight, Like it was playing a doughy fight.

I glanced at the recipe, a little stressed, But Dr. Seuss words put me to the test. “Mix it, knead it, and give it a rest, For sourdough baking is surely a quest!”

With patience and hope, I let it rise, Hoping for a loaf of perfect size. But the dough rose high, up to the skies, It looked like a bread balloon surprise!

Into the oven, the dough did fly, And there, it baked, oh, me, oh, my! But it puffed up so much, I started to cry, A giant bread mountain reaching so high.

As I took it out, it began to deflate, And I couldn’t help but commiserate. “It’s wonky, wobbly, and looks like it’s late, My sourdough, oh, what a sad fate!”

But when I sliced it open, what a delight, The taste was simply out of sight! With a crunchy crust and a tangy bite, My sourdough was now pure dynamite!

So, if you try to bake in Seuss’s style, Expect some quirks, a grin, a smile. For in the kitchen, it’s all worthwhile, Creating magic, with each baking trial!

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