Similkameen Sourdough Starter From Similkameen Wild Breads

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Similkameen Sourdough Starter

Similkameen Wild Breads offers a dried sourdough starter made with a combination of rye flour, whole wheat flour, and white flour, using only the highest quality Canadian flours. This starter is the base for many of the bakery’s most popular recipes, and it is perfect for creating soft, fluffy sourdough bread with a crispy crust.

The combination of rye, whole wheat, and white flour gives this sourdough starter a unique flavor and texture, making it a versatile option for a variety of bread recipes. The rye flour adds a distinctive flavor and moisture-retaining ability, while the whole wheat flour adds nutrition and a slightly nutty taste. The white flour helps to lighten the texture of the bread and create a softer crumb.

Whether you are an experienced baker or new to sourdough breadmaking, this starter is an easy and convenient way to create soft, fluffy sourdough bread with a crispy golden crust.

Your order will be shipped as a dehydrated starter with full instructions for reviving, feeding, and caring for the sourdough starter.

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