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Share Your Culture

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When you start baking sourdough bread it starts to become kind of an obsession. There are so many recipes to try and different techniques to experiment with, the styles and types of bread you can make with sourdough starter are virtually endless.

Sourdough starter is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. In short, a SCOBY. After working with it for awhile, feeding and caring for it daily, and baking delicious bread with it, it becomes your personal culture.

So why not share your culture with your friends and loved ones, or the neighbors that moved in across the street. It is almost surreal how much people appreciate a fresh baked loaf of bread, and it means even more when it is the fruit of all the time, love, and dedication that you put into caring for your own personal sourdough culture.

So next time you are working on a batch of sourdough loaves, why not make an extra one and drop it off to someone you care about, maybe with some hummus and a bottle of red wine to go with it.

Share your Culture

What harm could it possibly do !