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Help support small Canadian Business

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We are so grateful for all the people that have purchased our sourdough starters online in the last 6 months and want to say Thank You for all the support Canadians have shown us since we decided to move Similkameen Wild Breads in a new direction.

Many are not aware that on Etsy there are literally thousands of artisans and crafters from Canada that sell their proudly made and shipped from Canada creations and usually their items are less expensive than buying something similar in the big outlet specialty stores.

When you buy from a Canadian seller on Etsy you can be certain that your item was made in Canada and supports small Canadian business and families.

So we would like to encourage everyone to shop Canadian. Next time you are looking for something special or unique try and look for-Dispatches from a small business in Canada-in the description.

You will be surprised what is available from Canadian sellers on Etsy.

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