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December Sale

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Use Coupon Code B3MY9822 at Checkout.
Now until the end of December, Save 10% off on all of our Sourdough Starters,

We are a family business located in the beautiful Similkameen valley, in Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.

Selling artisan sourdough starter to help you begin your baking journey.

We want to encourage everyone to start a family tradition of baking artisan sourdough bread and old-fashioned baked goods for their families, friends, and neighbors.

All our sourdough bread recipes are made without additives or preservatives, naturally leavened using wild yeast., and we try to keep our old-fashioned baked goods recipes similar to how Grandma use to make them, with natural, wholesome ingredients.

Access our continually updated recipe page, includes recipes used by us at Similkameen Wild Breads and new recipes are added every week from our test kitchen.

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