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100% Canadian Sourdough Starter

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Similkameen Sourdough Starter

Begin your artisan bread journey today with our 100% Canadian, born and raised In Princeton, B.C, Similkameen Wild Breads-Sourdough Starter. Our sourdough starter is nurtured using 100% additive-free Canadian flour and living waters from the Cascade Mountains. We want to encourage everyone to start a healthy, nutritious, family tradition that can be passed down to future generations.

Similkameen Wild Breads-Sourdough Starter spends a lot of time outside in the warmer seasons absorbing wild yeast, pollen, and natural airborne bacteria from the surrounding fruit trees, berry bushes, and dandelions, close to where it rests during the day.

Fed every day an even mixture of rye, whole wheat, and white Canadian flours. Similkameen Wild Breads-Sourdough Starter has a robust tangy flavor with a nutty undertone.

Your order will be shipped as a dehydrated starter with full instructions for reviving, feeding, and caring for the sourdough starter.

Access our continually updated Recipe Page, Includes recipes used by us at Similkameen Wild Breads and new recipes are added every week from our test kitchen.